Lucky Ladies

Blackjack is played with a six deck shoe. The aim is to have a better hand then the dealer without going over twenty one with the numerical value of the combined cards. All face cards are worth the numerical value of ten and an ace is worth either one or eleven. To play, wager a bet based on the house minimum and maximum limit. The Dealer will deal two cards face up to the Player and two cards will go to the dealer, with the top card shown face up only.

The Player will then motion for the Dealer to either give another card to increase the hands numerical value, or motion for the Dealer to stop with the player hand and continue to the house hand. The Dealer will then proceed with the house hand. The Dealer must hit (take cards) the hand up to the numerical value of seventeen and stop. Soft seventeen (any combination of six and an ace must be hit by the house). If the house hand goes over the numerical value of twenty one or the Player has a greater numerical value hand without going over twenty one, then the Player wins the wager. Players may double down on the first two cards, and split their hand up to three times, creating four separate hands.

Aces can only be split one time, creating two hands only. Lucky Ladies blackjack adds a bonus bet to the black jack game. The object of the bonus is to receive a hand in the first two cards that has the numerical value of twenty. Bonuses are four to one for any unsuited twenty; nine to one for any suited twenty, and nineteen to one for any matched twenty. The top bonus which is 125 to 1 is given when the Player bets the bonus and receives two queens of hearts.

If the house has a black jack while the player has two queens of hearts then the bonus goes up to one thousand to one. If the black jack is suited hearts, then the Player also receives the progressive player supported jackpot.

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